About the House of Piping

House of Piping was founded in 2017 as an open directory for the freelance piper/busking community and those looking to hire bagpipers for their event. While so many "gig" sites have positioned themselves as the one-stop-shop for everything from DJs to string quartets, House of Piping is focused solely on promoting and showcasing bagpiping community.

Our team is passionate about the community is that we ourselves are bagpipers and musicians who have experienced the same challenges faced by many bagpipers looking for more business online.

While the House of Piping team is located in California's Silicon Valley, their objective is to connect bagpipers with future clients throughout the world. With membership in over six countries spanning four continents - House of Piping positions itself as the premier site for booking bagpipers. 

Whether you're looking to hire a bagpiper or a piper looking for more business online -- think of us as your guide along the way. We're always available at info@houseofpiping.com.