Learn the Highland Bagpipes

One of the most common questions bagpipers are asked is how they learned the bagpipes. More often than not, location remains the biggest factor in having access to quality instruction. But while it may be true that bagpipe instructors are less common than guitar or piano teachers, we believe they shouldn't be any less accessible and are in the process of compiling a list of available instructors by location. In the meantime, you can still learn the bagpipes through online courses and video conferencing instruction. These online courses have a proven success record with students of all skill levels - including winning top prizes in bagpiping competitions!

Online Bagpipe Lesson Providers

The internet has no shortage of sites and Youtube channels with content and videos on bagpipe instruction, but our team has collected and vetted only the very best and most qualified online courses. These courses and instructors cover the full range of skill levels — from complete beginners to novice and proficient players. Note: inclusion is not sponsored in any way; House of Piping receives no compensation or benefit, financial or otherwise, from these sites.


Operated by world-class bagpiper Jori Chisholm, bagpipelessons.com is one of the premier sites for learning the bagpipes.

Dojo University

With extensive archives and fresh content created weekly, Dojo U is the creation of Andrew Douglas, another world-class piper.

Bruce Gandy Music

For novice pipers looking to take their skill to the next level — renowned and accomplished Bruce Gandy offers private, online lessons.

Bagpiping Workshops

In addition to private lessons, piping workshops are also great events to help bagpipers improve technique, musical expression, and endurance. Workshops are typically held over the course of several days although some last for a week or more during the summer months. While many workshops are held throughout the year (especially those put on by local bagpipe bands), we focus on those that have grown into nationally or internationally recognized events with some of the best instruction in the world.

Winter Storm

  • Three-day event held annually in January in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Piping Hot Summer Drummer

  • Held annually in 2, one-week courses in July at Silver Star Resort, BC, Canada

Balmoral School of Piping

  • Two, one-week courses in July in Pittsburgh/E. Stroudsburg, PA, USA

Local Bagpipe Lessons

If you would prefer to meet face-to-face with a local instructor, please provide us your contact information and location so we can put you in touch with available and capable instructors.

Uilleann Bagpipe Lessons

The uilleann bagpipes are far less common within the bagpiping world, so finding instructors will be significantly harder, especially outside of major metropolitan areas. However, you can still contact us and specify your interest in the uilleann bagpipes and we will do our best to accommodate.