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Lea Macleod was brought up in a strong bagpiping community on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He began bagpiping at the age of 8, under the guidance of double gold medallist, Niall Stewart. He was quick to gain success, playing at national and international events throughout his teenage years. 

When he left high school, he moved to the Outer Hebrides to study traditional music performance, where he shaped his musical style and learnt flute and whistles. He went on to study a BA (hons) in applied music at the University of the Highlands and Islands, performing and teaching at events around the world. 

Upon completion of his studies, he set up a business performing at weddings and events throughout the Scottish summer. During the off season, Lea packs his bagpipes and sets off on his travels. He has played all over the world, in countries such as: India, Nepal, New Zealand, Morocco, Australia, Iraq, America, Canada, and throughout Europe, documenting his experiences on his social media platform: Piping on Earth. 

He now lives in Victoria, British Columbia,  where he teaches and performs bagpipes and traditional Scottish music. 

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