Recommended Bagpiping Vendors

Online Bagpiping Stores within the United States and Canada



The Piper’s Dojo (New York)

The sister site to Dojo University, The Piper’s Dojo provides everything from bagpipe supplies to uniforming items.

Tartantown (British Columbia)

Headquartered east of Vancouver in Coquitlam, Tartantown offers a full suite of piping products including their own Lee & Sons bagpipes. (Washington)

Founded and operated by world-class bagpiper Jori Chisholm, is one of the premier sites for learning the bagpipes.

Highland Gear (Ontario)

House of Bagpipes (San Francisco)

Online Bagpiping Stores — Internationally

Kilts & More (Scotland)

Lyons Bagpipes (Melbourne, AU)

Bagpipe Makers

William McCallum Bagpipes

Henderson Bagpipes

Duncan McRae Bagpipes

Bagpiping Workshops and Online Instruction

Those interested in attending bagpiping workshops or starting lessons online can visit our page on learning the bagpipes. Both the in-person and online offerings provide instruction at all skills levels — including those who have little or no experience.