Bagpiping Events

What Types of Events Feature Bagpipers?

From it's use in battles, clan gatherings, salutes, and laments dating back to the 16th century to today - the bagpipes retains a time-honored, powerful emotional connection to many people. Even for those whom the instrument is not part of their direct family heritage, the sound of the bagpipe can resonate on a deep level.

It is because of this emotional connection that the bagpipes can now be found in many different types of events. While many are most familiar with the use of bagpipes in weddings and funerals, bagpipers have performed in many, many different venues and settings.

Some of those other occasions include:

  • golf tournaments

  • charity fundraisers

  • corporate events

  • award ceremonies

  • retirement parties

  • wedding anniversaries

  • family reunions

  • high school and college graduations

  • holiday parades and performances

  • birthday parties

  • milestones and commemorations

  • concerts and shows

  • and many more

So if you're wondering whether a bagpiper is well-suited for your event, chances are it's been requested before!