World Pipe Band Championships

World Pipe Band Championships

The World Pipe Band Championships - known and referred to among the bagpiping community as “The Worlds” - is a competition held each year in August in Glasgow Green, Scotland. The competition is organized and adjudicated by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) and the competition is typically televised live in coordination with the BBC.

The Worlds is the largest gathering of pipe bands from around the world - regularly receiving 210+ band entries totaling 8,000 bagpipers and drummer from over 15 countries. In addition to the competitors, The Worlds attracts around 30,000 visitors.

Tickets for the World Pipe Band Championships can be purchased online through the Official World’s website:

Defending Champions

The reigning Grade 1 World Pipe Band Champions for 2018 is the Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band from Lisburn, Northern Ireland who have won The Worlds a total of 12 times since 1992.

World Pipe Band Championships - Quick Facts:

  • The record for the number of competing bands is 239

  • There are 9 different competition grades in which bands compete based on their skill level

  • Up to 40% of the pipers and drummers participating each year are 25 years old and under

  • This year celebrates the 70th anniversary of the first time the event was held in Glasgow

The History

The World Pipe Band Championships as we know them today have taken place since 1947. Prior to that, the winning Grade 1 Pipe Band from the annual Cowal Highland Gathering competition were recognised as the World Champions dating back to 1906.