Bagpiping for charity and fundraising events

Like many musicians, bagpipers spend anywhere from years an entire lifetime developing their sound, repertoire, and skills. Therefore, clients should expect to fairly compensate performers for their talents just like they would for any professional musician.

At the same time, bagpipers have also been known to lend their talents to events and causes that raise awareness and/or support their community. From time to time we have received requests for bagpipers to play for charity and fundraiser events such as American Cancer Society's Relay for Life events and local fundraisers for children hospitals and have been able to pair those organizations with local bagpipers.

If you are interested in having a bagpiper for your event - understand that while they may be unable to perform pro bono - oftentimes they will have a discounted rate specifically for charity and non-profit groups simply to cover the costs associated with travel and the instruments maintenance.