Evaluating Bagpiper Profiles

One of the biggest benefits to clients using the House of Piping to hire a local bagpiper is the ability to find and contacting multiple bagpipers for quotes. While useful in learning more about the musicians before deciding to reach out — this also requires that the bagpiper profiles be accurate with the most up-to-date information.

The House of Piping ensures that its members are able to showcase their talents with the use of several features and components that can be included on their profile page. Our team works hard to surface the latest information that can be found on the web to be included in profile pages, but oftentimes we rely on members to keep us informed of updates or provide corrections to information listed on the site.

What is included on a complete profile?

A complete profile will make use of the following components:

  • Profile image

  • Full name of the bagpiper

  • A personal/individual bagpiping website (not social media profiles)

  • Contact telephone number

  • Email address to be used in the “Request a Quote” form

  • Additional gallery images displayed alongside the profile image

  • Short description between 50-500 characters

  • Updated client reviews (directly influencing their star-rating)

  • Upcoming performance calendar (currently powered by the Bandsintown app)

  • Any links to audio or video recordings demonstrating their playing

By including each of these components, not only will more active and trusted bagpipers rise in the rankings for their local area, but it also provides clients with a more solid foundation for researching and evaluating bagpipers to contact.

Visit Will Thayer’s profile to see an excellent example of a complete profile.

Visit Will Thayer’s profile to see an excellent example of a complete profile.

Why might a profile page be incomplete?

In some cases, profile pages may be missing one or more elements. While we’re always hard at work sourcing the most accurate information available online to keep our profiles updated, we do encounter instances where profile or contact information remains incomplete. The reason for an incomplete profile could be due to a number of factors, but can be generally categorized into it being either unavailable or ineligible for inclusion on House of Piping. Some examples include:

  • Information/content is unavailable:

    • Missing profile image or additional gallery images

    • Website is missing or the member does not have a bagpiping website

    • Audio or video recordings are either in production or have not been produced

    • The member has not collected or received permission to publish client reviews

    • Member has elected to not include their booking calendar

  • Ineligible for inclusion:

    • Images are poor quality or watermarked

    • Member’s bagpiping website is not secure (SSL) or receives a 404 error

    • Description is duplicate content

    • Audio or video content is in a format not currently supported by the site

    • Client reviews are outdated

If you are a member with an incomplete profile and have updated information for use on House of Piping, please contact us with the new information and we will ensure your profile is updated in a timely manner.