Hire a Bagpiper

Unless you've hired a bagpiper in the past or know someone who plays the bagpipes -- finding and vetting a piper can be challenging. House of Piping simplifies the process by making it easy to search by location, find local bagpipers, and then providing their contact information upfront. We believe in removing "middlemen" as much as possible, so feel free to contact as many bagpipers as you like to request quotes and/or consultations.

Start your search by selecting the location of the performance: 


House of Piping members are available for any type of occasion - including wedding ceremonies & receptions, funerals or memorials, golf tournaments, birthdays, and many more events. Bagpipers typically have a diverse repertoire of traditional Scottish and Irish tunes and can take special music requests if given enough advance notice. Unsure what to ask when researching bagpipers? Read our brief guide for help on getting started. Are you looking for a uilleann bagpiper? Click here to learn more.