Many of our most commonly asked questions are answered below. If you have a question not answered here, please email

Membership Status:

Q: Are you available in my area?

A: While our current members are primarily located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa —we are working to include bagpipers all over the world. Contact us if you're an international bagpiper looking to get listed!

Q: How do I get listed on the site?

A: Listings come with a membership to the House of Piping. Please visit and fill out the membership form to get started.

Q: What is the pricing and features of a membership?

A: Subscription memberships were discontinued May 2018. All new memberships are free with the option to promote your profile for additional cost. For more details, please visit the membership page.

Q: How quickly are new listings added?

A: New listings are typically created and live on the site within a matter of hours during business hours.

Q: What if I decide to cancel my membership?

A: Simply email to have your listing removed from the site. If you're running a promotional package, the remaining balance will be refunded to you.

Q: Is House of Piping only for the Great Highland Bagpipe?

A: While most of our members do play the Great Highland bagpipe, we are looking to expand to include players of the uilleann bagpipes. For more information on the differences between the highland and uilleann bagpipes, please visit here. You can expect to see uilleann bagpipers begin showing on the House of Piping starting next year.



Q: Can I include that I give bagpipe lessons in my profile? 

A: Yes; just let us know and we can have it mentioned on your profile page.


Promotion and online presence/marketing:

Q: Why don't I see listings in my area?

A: Our strategy is focused on driving relevant, local traffic to our existing members as well as targeted areas based on increased search interest and client demand. Oftentimes new pages and content need additional time in order to be index by search engines and begin appearing in their search results. Unfortunately House of Piping cannot guarantee ranking or exposure, but our methodology has proven successful in increasing organic traffic 17X in less than two years.


Profile features & changes/cancelling membership:

Q: What if I want to change information/pictures on my profile?

A: We currently don't have the functionality for members to make changes through the site itself. Instead, any new material can be sent to where our team will have it updated within a matter of hours.

Q: How do I get my performance schedule added to my profile?

A: The "Upcoming Performances" calendar is powered by an integration with Bandsintown. Once an artist profile is created, members can input their schedule into the services through the desktop site or the mobile app. Just email your profile URL once it's created and we can enable it on your profile within a business day.

Additionally, if you have another calendar you use to publish upcoming gigs, such as, feel free to send us the snippet code and we can embed it on your profile page.


Q: How do the reviews/star ratings work?

A: Reviews can be submitted by anyone at any time through the personal profile pages. Once submitted, they are logged in an internal dashboard for authenticity validation. After they have been authenticated they can be set live and will appear on the member's individual profile page within minutes of approval.

Because ratings are an important trust signal to clients in the decision-making process -- profiles with performance ratings are generally ranked higher than those without ratings. Members are encouraged to actively reach out to past clients to request reviews.

Past client reviews can be added directly on members' profile page or forwarded to for inclusion.

While we cannot accept review widgets provided by other gig sites, if you use a third-party provider for reviews such as, we can all embed their widget code on profile pages.


Q: What is the Charter Members' Corner?

A: The 'Corner' is a legacy, Charter Member-only, password-secured section of the website providing exclusive access to strategies and tools for improving a bagpipe gig business.