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Please use the form to provide our team with the information to be used on your profile. The more complete your profile, the more trust clients will have in enquiring and booking your services. 

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Step 2: Select a Promotion Package (Optional)

Especially beneficial for those who do not have a personal bagpiping website, these promotional packages further enhance your online visibility and gives you direct influence over the amount of traffic to your profile. 

Determine what budget you'd like to use for monthly direct traffic to your profile for relevant keyword searches. Note: due to regional differences in client demand, competition, and market rates - these packages provide an overview and estimate of the strategy and costs, but may need to be customized to meet your individual needs.

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Promotion Options:

The differences in the pricing structure reflects the additional work needed to customize ads for a personal site vs. what has already been built in-house through House of Piping.

On-site promotion (House of Piping profile):

  • ads directing to House of Piping profile: $10/mo. or 10% of ad spend (whichever is greater)

Ex. If you budget $100 in the first month for ad spend, the total would be $110 ($100+$10). If the next month you had $150 in ad spend, the total would be $165.00 ($150+$15 — 10% of $150).

Off-site promotion (personal website):

  • ads directing to personal sites: $20/mo. or 15% of ad spend (whichever is greater)

Ex. If you budget $100 in the first month for ad spend on your personal site, the total would be $120 ($100+$20). At $150 in ad spend, the total would be $172.50 ($150+$22.50 — 15% of $150).

What’s included:

  • Geo-targeted paid search ads

  • Bidding for highly relevant broad terms search terms, event-based terms (weddings, memorials, etc.), and location-based terms

  • Ongoing keyword and cost-per-click optimization to increase click-through-rate and ROI

  • Monthly performance and cost reporting

  • Additional House of Piping profile SEO (alt tags for images, removal of nofollow tag on website URL, etc.)