Get a bagpiping quote in 3 steps:

Every occasion deserves a quality bagpiper who represents the instrument well and comes at a reasonable price. But for those who've never booked a bagpiper before - what's the process? Whether it's by phone or email - here's how to kick off the conversation and what you can expect:


1) Start with the time and place

Start the conversation confirming the event time and place. If the bagpiper isn't available on the day or if the location is outside of their service area, you'll immediately know it's time to move on to the next piper. Alternatively, you might also consider asking them for recommendations of other bagpipers in the area.


2) Describe the event and ask for recommendations

This topic could cover the timing of the performance (i.e. before, during, or after a service), certain tunes you want played, if you're looking for multiple players/mini-band, or whether it's meant to be a surprise. The more detail you can provide upfront, the greater the likelihood the bagpiper will understand exactly what you're looking for in the performance. Of course, if you're still planning the event and are looking for advice - a truly great piper will have recommendations based on their past experiences.


3) Ask for a quote

Most bagpipers will ask for a deposit if the event date is a month or more out. Especially during busy holidays and 'seasons' (such as St. Patrick's Day, weddings, graduations, etc.) bagpipers might get multiple inquiries and use deposits to hold a date.

After the call or email exchange you can always thank them and ask for some time to make a final decision. Alternatively if you're satisfied with their expertise and feel comfortable working with the bagpiper, you can ask to move forward with booking them for the date.


Ready to get started?